About Us


St. Paul Cultural Village exists in order to provide a rich cultural experience among refugees and others living in the Twin Cities through the selling of ethnic goods and the promotion of various cultures in a mutually respectful environment.



Our vision is at least three-fold:

  • To create an environment where people of different cultures, beliefs, and worldviews can interact with respect for one another.
  • To assist refugees and others in maintaining and promoting their culture.
  • To provide a platform for refugees and others to be empowered and make a living by producing and selling products to people living in the community around them. (We especially aim to assist refugee groups that have not yet gained a well-recognized standing in their new community.)

We have secured a 7000 square foot building in the north end of Saint Paul, and have prepared it for operations. As part of our development, we have constructed 12 market stalls on the ground floor. An attractive triple archway separates the market area from an 850 square foot meeting space. (We anticipate that this space will eventually couple as a cafe seating area later in the day, and remain a meeting space earlier in the day.)

We are located at:

230 Front Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55117

See map and get directions.

Visit and “like” our St. Paul Cultural Village page on Facebook.


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